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Fovitec Studiopro Lighting Kit

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

Get your Fovitec - 3-Light Kit Here on Amazon:

Get your Ring Light Here on Amazon:

If you really want to up your game on studio lights... I highly recommend getting this lighting combination. Fovitec - 3-Light 2500W Fluorescent Lighting Kit with a Neewer Ring Light Kit is going to give you a beautiful finish with both photography and film!

I've been using this combo since the beginning of my vlogging/ beauty tutorials hobby days and I honestly have ZERO COMPLAINTS... I know I know. I'm sure I could upgrade soon but I don't feel the need to!

Fovitec light kit contains : 2x 5-socket heads w/20"x28" softboxes, 1x 1-socket head w/built-in 20"x28" softbox, 11x 45W lamps, 2x 7'6" light stands, 1x boom stand, 1x carry bag


Great for Photo & Video: YouTube tutorials, Twitch live streaming, studio portraits, & headshots.

The added boom lets you create a beautiful hairlight

45W Fluorescent Lamps: 90+ CRI color accuracy, 5500K daylight color temp. & energy efficient

The ring light is a Dimmable LED Light with Light Stand, Carrying Bag for Camera, and its Bluetooth Smartphone!


It does get very hot under all the lights at times.

Installation is a little difficult and time consuming.

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